The 1st professional Market Maker of cryptocurrency market

The infrastructure project Market Maker Technology aims to support the liquidity of the main blockchain cryptocurrencies.

We will protect the cryptocurrency market from excessive volatility,
fraudulent influence and the impact of information stuffing.

We know what we are doing


We sell tokens when market not have sellers

We help investors buy large
amounts of tokens without overclocking. You can always enter the market with a large volume and not split up the position into lots.

We create purchase and sale guarantees

Every day we are in the market and are bidding. You always have the opportunity to make deals with us in any direction of the trend.

We buy tokens when there are no buyers

We help investors fix profits without a price collapse. You can sell tokens to us and not wait for the execution of pending orders.

We form the market

We analyze the real supply and demand, and then, on the basis of the analysis, set quotes. You always see the market price, protected from manipulation and PUMP.

We making the market liquid

We give investors the opportunity to implement their strategies at any time and in any amount.

We provide counter quotes

We set quotes for both purchase and sale. You can make deals with us in both small and high volumes.

How we do it

Without MMT

schedule without MMT

With MMT

schedule without MMT

Our advantages


  • fraud (PUMP, price overclocking,
    trading volume overclocking)
  • volatility (panic fall, unreasonable price increase)
  • manipulation (collapse of a small lot in the "night" session of the trade)


  • the ability to trading large lots without affecting the price
  • real trading volume
  • stabilization of the trend
  • minimum spread
  • real price


  • reduction of lossesin case of falling prices of leading cryptocurrencies
  • alternative to storing cryptocurrency
  • contribution to the development of the entire market

Token MMT

cripto schedule

Every day we will buy tokens from sellers and sell to buyers at an attractive price, supporting the market and protecting it from collapses. The price of tokens will be determined by a mathematical algorithm based on real supply and demand protecting the market from bloated volumes and price manipulations. To replenish the project's assets, a utility-stable MMT token backed by leading cryptocurrencies will be issued.

many schedule
many schedule

of the income from the spread, we will send to the project's asset portfolio and do additional emission of tokens to maintain balance.

MMT number = Portfolio.

All additionally issued MMT tokens will be sent by the holder our tokens.
Every 6 months will be launched Smart Contract, which allows you to exchange MMT tokens for cryptocurrency of our portfolio.

Get MMT Token

MMT development map

MMT development map
  • 4q2017


    of market

  • 2


    Development of trading strategies and algorithms in a falling market.

  • 3Q2018


    Writing ideas in WP, search for strategic partners and investors.

  • 4


    Team building and external partners.

  • 1Q2019


    Token model development.

  • 6


    Release ICO and Pre-ICO tokens. Launching platform development.

  • 3Q2019


    Placement of tokens on the exchange.

  • 8


    Initial stage of work.

  • 3Q2019


    Starting reporting systems. First reports.

  • 10


    Deep analysis of the trading systems

  • 1Q2020


    Annual report.

  • 12


    Transition to full automated trading.

  • 3Q2020


    Semi-annual report. Plans and strategies for the next 2 years.

  • 14


    Full project automation.

Project team

  • Anton Efimenko Founder/СЕО

    Anton Efimenko


  • Anton-Vasiliev Vice president

    Anton Vasiliev

    Vice president

  • Daria-Sverdlova Creative director

    Daria Sverdlova

    Creative director

  • Andrey Melentyev PR director

    Andrey Melentyev

    PR/Marketing director

  • Maxim Baikevich Frontend developer

    Maxim Baikevich

    Frontend developer

  • Angelica Semenova Chief Information Officer

    Angelica Semenova

    Chief information oficer

  • Roman Kraevoi Designer

    Roman Kraevoi